• ReTrak
  • 4.0 - 7 Reviews
  • Size  10.5 x 4
  • Color  Multicolor
With the Retrak Apple iPhone 4 Selfie Stick, a picture can paint more than a thousand words. This handy device holds your smartphone stationary to help you capture the perfect shot. The monopod extends to 3.2' and safely holds the device to take photos or videos. After photos have been captured, the device easily retracts back into the 1' handle. The packs away small so you can always bring it with you, making it ideal for travel, concerts, day trips and more.The tool doesn't any apps for use; simply connect via Bluetooth and click the button on the handle. This extendable selfie stick with Bluetooth comes with a steel monopod and an expandable phone holder. It's powered by a battery with a 100+ hour lifespan, for easy use. The monopod selfie stick fits Apple iPhone 4/5/5s/6, as well as Samsung Galazy S 3/4.
$11.8 $9.32

*Pricing & Availability are subject to change at any time.

Retrak Apple iPhone 4/5/5s/6 and Samsung Galaxy S 3/4 Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Shutter:
  • Fits Apple iPhone 4/5/5s/6 and Samsung Galaxy S 3/4
  • Soft-grip phone adapter fits securely without damaging device
  • Adjustable clasp rotates 180 degrees for the perfect angle for any shot
  • Monopod extends to 3.2' and retracts into handle
  • Connects to device via Bluetooth
  • Shutter release on handle for convenient and simple captures
  • Ideal companion for recording videos and taking photos
  • Extra-long battery life of 100+ hours
  • Includes steel monopod and expandable phone holder
  • Ideal for travel, concerts and uploading photos to social media
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