Canon Powershot Elph D

  • Canon
  • 4.036 - 28 Reviews
  • No.  135
  • Size  1 - Does not contain composite wood
  • Color  Silver
Canon PowerShot ELPH 135 - digital camera

*Pricing & Availability are subject to change at any time.

Key Features and Benefits:8x optical zoomThe PowerShot ELPH 135 features a 8x optical zoom so more shots are within your reach. Youll love the flexibility that the wide 28-224 mm shooting range offers. Plus, the wide-angle lens captures expansive image in every shot, adding depth, perspective and grandeur. Landscapes, city scenes, family shots and more benefit from the extra width. Whether youre shooting wide group shots or zooming to the telephoto end, your images are assured to be bright and clear.16.0-megapixel sensorWith the PowerShot ELPH 135 cameras 16.0-megapixels of resolution, your images are rich and clear, with textures and tiny details faithfully reproduced even at the long end of the 8x optical zoom. This high level of resolution is ideal for creating the largest prints, and allows you the flexibility to blow up and crop any section of an image to express your creativity.DIGIC 4+ Image processorThe PowerShot ELPH 135 cameras DIGIC 4+ Image processor features accelerated processing speed to create fast, responsive performance, giving you a shooting experience thats easy and natural. The DIGIC 4+ Image processor also enhances image quality in several ways. Processing of high ISO shots has been shortened by 60% compared to the DIGIC 4 Image processor. This significantly reduces noise for brilliant color, smooth gradations, and beautiful detail even in low light. The processors highly efficient design also extends battery life.720p HD videoUsing the slim PowerShot ELPH 135, you can shoot high definition video anytime, anywhere. With a simple push of the dedicated movie button, youll be able to instantly record every moment in motion. 720p HD video is smooth, vivid, and beautifully lifelike, making it an ideal way to capture special moments with the family.Smart autoGetting that great shot is as simple as pressing the shutter button on the PowerShot ELPH 135 camera. Smart auto automatically detects scenes by assessing various factors in both the background a
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