SCM Micro USB Smart Card Reader

  • TX Systems
  • 4.533 - 15 Reviews
  • No.  SCR3310
  • Size  2049-12-31 00:00:00.000000-07:00
  • Color  Multicolor
Make your business transactions easier when you use the SCM Micro USB Smart Card Reader. This is an ideal accessory to use with applications that require banking or credit cards. The SCM scr3310 card reader plugs into a USB port for convenient and portable use. Simply scan the cards as you get them through the day. Your customers will appreciate the convenience as this is a device that prevents identity theft from getting in the way. Your transactions can be concluded without fear of hackers compromising key data. And since this is USB port and cable compatible, it can hook into a computerized register in no time at all and help you keep track of daily transactions. Use an SCM card reader for your business.

*Pricing & Availability are subject to change at any time.

SCM Micro USB Smart Card Reader:Easy to useUSB port and cable compatibleThis SCM card reader is suggested for applications with banking or credit cards
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